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> M. Ramdhan tentang overpressure dan berbagai aspek terkait lainnya.

Some Indonesia’s Giants: ‘unconventional’ hydrodynamic trap?

Agus M. Ramdhan1,3
Lambok M. Hutasoit1,3
Andang Bachtiar2,3

1Department of Geology and Department of Groundwater Engineering,
Institut Teknologi Bandung
2Exploration Think Tank Indonesia (ETTI)
3INOV (Indonesia Overpressure Research Group)


The term of unconventional hydrodynamic trap refers to tilted
hydrocarbon-water contact caused by fluid flow driven by overpressure
gradient. In contrast, in conventional hydrodynamic trap, the fluid flow
is driven by hydraulic head gradient. The unconventional hydrodynamic trap
has been proven to be present in several major petroleum provinces in the
world, among others are in the North Sea and in the Caspian Sea areas. In
Indonesia, the giant Peciko and Tunu gas accumulations in the Lower Kutai
Basin have been proven as an unconventional hydrodynamic trap. Recently,
some parts in the Nilam Field in the same basin are also recognised as
unconventional hydrodynamic trap.

In the giant Arun Field, the tilted gas-water contacts have been
recognised by the previous investigator with no satisfactory explanation.
Also, in the giant Tangguh Field, variable gas-water contact and flank
accumulation have been recognised, and they are partly explained by the
concept of perched water. In this paper, we offer the unconventional
hydrodynamic trap as a plausible hypothesis to explain the circumstances
in the two giants above. Clearly, this hypothesis needs to be tested by
carefully analysing pressure data and presenting it in form of
overpressure map and pressure – depth plot.

This unconventional hydrodynamic trap is relatively new exploration
concept in Indonesia’s sedimentary basins, and hence the basins can be
said as under-explored with respect to this concept. The revisit of the
two giants above may be a good start to apply this concept, with the hope
to wake other giants up.



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Integration With Other Apps


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Facts, ideas and originality

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 If we accept that there are two ingredients, facts and ideas, and that both may be either ‘new’ (never before presented to the world) or ‘old’ (familiar from earlier commentary), four possible combinations arise:

     1.     New facts + New ideas

     2.     New facts + Old ideas

     3.     Old facts + New ideas

     4.     Old facts + Old ideas.

 Combinations 1–3 all lead to originality. Only combination 4 is guaranteed to miss out on originality. Between them, combinations 1, 2 and 3 cater for an enormous variety of scholarly talents, temperaments and opportunities.

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