#Win7: How to make a screenshot on Windows7









Maybe screen-capturing has been your major nightmare, especially when you were making tutorials. It is a little bit annoying to:

  1. press PrtSc
  2. then open an app, maybe “Powerpoint” or “Paint”
  3. paste it
  4. crop the area that you want to capture
  5. make your slide background color to match your image
  6. then save it to image

Yupe, you can’t do that more efficiently like the rest of us do in “Mac OS” or “Linux” :-). But at least there’s a help now called the Snipping Tool app in your Win 7. It is an icon with a scissor and red circle.

  1. Just click it (or off course you can move it to task bar for easier use.
  2. Then block the area that you’re going to capture (nobody has to see your “Hello Kitty” wall paper right).
  3. Then save it to a file. I recommend “PNG” format for later use on docs or blogs.

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