#family: me and my grandpa


image from: http://davesmechanicalpencils.blogspot.com.au/2008/05/mgm-plus-200-mechanical-pencil.html

at many times you just don’t know how you miss somebody so much


Just how much do you think you know about your grandfather. I am the oldest grandson so I get to see him more than my younger brothers and sister.

mechanic pencil

Yupe it was one thing that I got from my GP. He introduced me to one. It was a very old model of mechanical pencil. The refill was unlike the thin one that we can find easily in the book store. It was like we have to “butcher” a conventional pencil, peal off the wood casing and take out the black carbon stick inside it, then use it as the refill. Actually now they, as in specialized book store, sell the refill with many colors.

Radio Australia

I can’t remember the Mhz of it but I do remember that it was on SW band. I remember the “waltzing mathilda” song everyday at 4.30 in the morning, gracefully sounded from the old radio. They broadcasted news, variety light informations, and English lesson. The broadcast was up and down depends on the weather.

Young Guns

He really likes cowboy movies. He introduced me to John Wayne character, Bonanza, etc. I actually took him to both Young Guns movies, so he knew Emilio Estevez back then.


He used to ride red 1960’s Vespa and a white 1980’s Mitsubishi Minicab. Didn’t know much about it since I was still a small kid back then. They look like the following borrowed-images from:





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