Accepted papers in ICMNS 2014

Well done guys. Next step writing the full paper:

ICMNS 2014 results:

  1. Groundwater and river water interaction at Ciromban and Cibeureum riverbank, Tasikmalaya: can we solve water shortage?
    Authors: Pratama, A, Abdulbari, N, Nugraha, MI, Prasetio, Y, Tulak, GP, Darul, A, and Irawan, DE, Accepted for oral presentation.
  2. Groundwater and River Water Interaction on Cikapundung River: Revisited
    Authors: Ahmad Darul, Dasapta Erwin Irawan(*), Nurjanna Joko Trilaksono, Accepted for oral presentation.
  3. Revisiting hydrostratigraphy in Bandung-Soreang Groundwater Basin: a well-logs re-analysis
    Authors: Sunarwan, B.(a), Irawan, DE.(a*), Puradimaja, DJ.(a), Notosiswoyo, S.(a), Sadisun, IA(a), Setiawan, T(b), Anugrah, RM(c), Accepted for oral presentation.
  4. 4) Spatial analysis of groundwater quality data using geoR and mgcv R-package
    Authors: Irawan DE(a*), Farzina Akter(b), Willem Vervoort(b), Prabowo, K(a), Accepted for oral presentation

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