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New (RMarkdown) post from OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

This is my first post on OSX 10.10 (nick name: Yosemite). Yep I always late…

As I did mostly, I blog using RMarkdown. It allows you to manipulate your source file in to a structured text and convert it to almost any formats: odt, docx, pdf, html, etc.

Basically you can make any docs containing:

  • outline
  • bullets and numbering
  • basics formatting:
    • make it bold = bold,
    • or italic = italic,
    • even make an superscript symbol = superscript and off course subscript subscript ,
    • strikethrough
    • write equations: $ Q = CA(dh/dl) $
    • insert a link: DasaptaErwinBlog
    • insert a figure: itb_logo
    • insert a quote or lines of code: quote from Einstein
    • insert a table:
Name Age (ya)
Rex 65,000,000
Mankind 100.000
me 39
wife 35
Radit 8
Bila 4
- make a chart out of it
Name <- c('Rex', 'Mankind', 'Me', 'Wife', 'Radit', 'Bila')
Age <- c(65, 0.1, 39, 35, 8, 4)
df <- data.frame(Name, Age)
plot(df, main="Age comparison", xlab="Species", ylab="Age (mya)")

  • and a whole lot more

Another good thing is you can built the entire doc in plain text (ASCII). So it’s:

  • light weight: in kb
  • connected to any word-processor:
    • Libreoffice
    • MS office
  • or text-editor:
    • notepad
    • wordpad
  • virus-free


3rd Workshop: Introduction to R



Acara 3rd Intro to R telah selesai dilaksanakan, sekitar 50 peserta telah hadir. Ada Pak Adi Pancoro Biologi 🙂

Mohon maaf atas segala kekurangan. Lain kali akan lebih rapih lagi, karena sambungan internet kurang lancar untuk instalasi package dll. Namun minimum para peserta telah memahami cara instalasi dan beberapa dasar operasi R.

Slide akan segera tersedia di SlideShare, kode lengkap akan diunggah ke Github.

Pada kesempatan berikutnya akan diadakan workshop R tematik: basic stats, multivariable analysis, exploratory data analysis, plotting, dll.

Terimakasih atas minat peserta yang tinggi. Terimakasih pula untuk Perpustakaan ITB, Bapak Mahmudin, dan para pustakawan Mas Yoka Adam cs. Semoga tidak kapok jadi host.

Unduh slide format pdf: 20150526-IntroR-Text

Slide format ioslide dapat dilihat di: Rpubs

Unduh data dan code di: GoogleDrive

How to build a geoscience presentation (part 1)



(image from:

Geoscience has been placed as a rocket science, due to its complexity. The audience is considered to be very specific.

I mad these slides for my undergrad (and also my master students) in Bahasa Indonesia. It contains a few notes on how to make a worthy geoscience presentation.

I made it with LaTeX by the way. You can find the source code at:


Minimal LaTeX Packages


(image from:

Dear friends,

I’ve been using LaTeX (with TeX Studio) for about two years now. I use it mostly for long-formatted document. And by long, I mean more than five pages with several headings and subheadings. More light editing or letter, I use LibreOffice. As a typesetter (not a word processor), most begineer will bump into what package to use, or not to use, or a case of redundant packages.

So here I share what minimal packages that I used daily:

usepackage[ascii]{inputenc} % keyboard encoding tool
usepackage[T1]{fontenc} % keyboard encoding tool
usepackage[english]{babel} % language setting tool
usepackage{amsmath,amssymb,amsfonts,textcomp} % math font type tools
usepackage{color} % font color tool
usepackage{array,hhline} % tabular tool
usepackage{hyperref} % hyperlink tool
usepackage{graphicx} % figure insertion tool
usepackage[authoryear]{natbib} % bibliography tool

One can always search for another similar packages, other than the ones that listed above, but bare in mind that there are probably thousands of packages. So you might want to do a little research on a package before decide to use it.

Other applications a used in my writing are:

  • Zotero as reference manager. We have to convert the database to bibtex format, but it has an extension to work with LibreOffice or Microsoft Office.
  • Evernote as web clipper
  • MoU (on Mac) or Re-Text (on Ubuntu) for Markdown editor

Try LaTeX and leave “point and click” for a while. You might like it.