Tiga catatan saya untuk dokumen UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science

UNESCO saat ini sedang merevisi dokumen Recommendation on Open Science versi kesatu. Saya telah memasukkan tiga catatan ini melalui tim kecil dari yang telah mengundang saya dari organisasi IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. Catatan yang sama telah saya masukkan melalui Tim Sains Terbuka Indonesia juga saya cuitan agar dapat dimasukkan pula ke beberapa organisasi yang tercatat memberikan masukan untuk dokumen UNESCO versi kesatu.

  1. UNESCO should suggest the importance of setting up a proper OA/OS regulation at national level, especially for SE ASIAN countries where the leaders are not sufficiently exposed with the concept of OA and OS. 
  2. The national level OA/OS regulation is important, because it will change the way a country (especially SE ASIAN) allocates research and education budget (that now is greatly poured to commercial entities) and also how they measure staff performance.     
  3. The recommendation should also contain an explicit statement of the spirit of the recommendation (The two of them should be the Democratization of Knowledge, and science as public goods). This is important as there are some indications (especially in Indonesia), that to do OA or OS, a country should have more agreement with commercial services (an example from India, an example from Indonesia). 
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