Endeavour Awards 2010

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Endeavour Awards 2010

Applications for the 2010 round for all Endeavour Awards will open from
6 April to 31 July 2009.

Endeavour Awards for international applicants

Through the Endeavour Awards, the Australian Government provides
opportunities for high achieving international students, researchers and
professionals to undertake short or long term study, research and
professional development in Australia in a broad range of disciplines.

For details of awards available by country of residence, please go to
the participating countries page
<http://www.endeavou r.deewr.gov. au/international _applicants/ destination_ country.htm> .

To read about the experiences of past Award Holders, please visit the
testimonial stories page.
<http://www.endeavou r.deewr.gov. au/Testimonials_ Stories/default. htm>


Endeavour Research Fellowships provide financial support for
postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows from participating
countries to undertake short-term research (4-6 months), in any field of
study, in Australia.  Aimed at building international linkages and
networks, these Awards provide opportunities for award holders to
further develop their knowledge and skills.

Endeavour Research Fellowships
<http://www.endeavou r.deewr.gov. au/international _applicants/ research_ fellowships.htm>

Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowships
<http://www.endeavou r.deewr.gov. au/international _applicants/ cheung_kong_ research_fellowship s.htm>

Postgraduate study or research

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards provide full financial support for
international students for up to 3 years to undertake a postgraduate
qualification at a Masters or PhD level either by coursework or research
in any field of study in Australia.

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards
<http://www.endeavou r.deewr.gov. au/international _applicants/ postgraduate_awards.htm>

Endeavour Europe Awards
<http://www.endeavou r.deewr.gov. au/international _applicants/ europe_awards.htm>  (for European candidates only)

<http://www.endeavou r.deewr.gov. au/international _applicants/ default.htm# top>
Vocational education and training

An Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Award enables you
to study a vocational course at the Diploma, Advanced Diploma or
Associate Degree level in any field of study in Australia.

Vocational education and training provides occupational or work-related
knowledge and skills.  The courses are directly related to the trade,
occupation or `vocation’ in which you participate and exclude
degree and higher level programs normally delivered by universities.

Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Awards
<http://www.endeavou r.deewr.gov. au/international _applicants/ vet_awards. htm>

Professional Development

Endeavour Executive Awards
<http://www.endeavou r.deewr.gov. au/international _applicants/ executive_ awards.htm>
provide professional development opportunities for high
achievers in business, industry, education or government from
participating countries.

This award provides you with the flexibility to design a program that
advances both your professional and personal goals.  In consultation
with your host organisation, the one to four month program may include
activities such as a shadowing program, work placement, attendance at a
conference, participation in a short course, or peer-to-peer learning.

Student Exchanges

The Australian Government recognises the many enduring benefits of
international exchanges undertaken during the years of undergraduate
education.  To encourage greater student mobility, the Australian
Government funds Australian higher education providers to subsidise the
costs to students participating in student exchanges which include
tuition fee waiver and credit transfer.

Only Australian higher education providers are eligible to apply for
funding for international student exchange programmes.

Students (Australian and international) wishing to apply for student
subsidies available under these international student exchange
programmes should contact the International Office of their institution.

International Student Exchange Programs

Find more information: http://endeavour. deewr.gov. au/http://www.infoscho larships. com
<http://www.infoscho larships. com/endeavour- awards-2010. html>

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