#Sydney — Post from physical keyboard —

After months of typing on virtual keyboard, finally I’m typing this post from my iPad mini, with Logitech Folio keyboard support. Actually my wife (bought this one, I just borrow it πŸ™‚ We decided to go with the flashy yellow one.

The keyboard is fairly thin and very light. It holds the iPad to stand firmly with its magnetic pad. The chiclet-style keys also comfortable to typed-on, without bumping your fingers one to another, offcourse if your fingers have the size of regular Asian like mine. The battery life is also fairly good. One recharge allows you to type continuously for averagely 15-20 hours. So if you have like 5 hours of continuous typing then it can go for up to three days on single recharge cycle. For those of you who are a random writer, this thing can maximize the work out of your random brain πŸ™‚ without having to wait for laptop booting sequence of short laptop battery life. Just type on it then sync with your laptop when you have time.

The price though is moderate, just look for the cheapest one from several store. I bought it at Harvey-Normanby the way. But offcourse you can’t compare it with the cheper one that sold at general store, their poor keyboard and stand. You might wan to compare it with its closest competitor, the Kensington model. I believe it has more space for palm rest.

Well that’s all folks. Just a quick review before you make a decision.

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