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#family: me and my grandpa


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at many times you just don’t know how you miss somebody so much


Just how much do you think you know about your grandfather. I am the oldest grandson so I get to see him more than my younger brothers and sister.

mechanic pencil

Yupe it was one thing that I got from my GP. He introduced me to one. It was a very old model of mechanical pencil. The refill was unlike the thin one that we can find easily in the book store. It was like we have to “butcher” a conventional pencil, peal off the wood casing and take out the black carbon stick inside it, then use it as the refill. Actually now they, as in specialized book store, sell the refill with many colors.

Radio Australia

I can’t remember the Mhz of it but I do remember that it was on SW band. I remember the “waltzing mathilda” song everyday at 4.30 in the morning, gracefully sounded from the old radio. They broadcasted news, variety light informations, and English lesson. The broadcast was up and down depends on the weather.

Young Guns

He really likes cowboy movies. He introduced me to John Wayne character, Bonanza, etc. I actually took him to both Young Guns movies, so he knew Emilio Estevez back then.


He used to ride red 1960’s Vespa and a white 1980’s Mitsubishi Minicab. Didn’t know much about it since I was still a small kid back then. They look like the following borrowed-images from:





#sydney: new friends

It’s been two months since we arrived in Sydney.

We met many new friends:

  • Peppa Pig and her friends (it’s a she not a he right?), who likes to jump on mud a lot. (note: even a pig has an official website)
  • Charlie and Lola (siblings who live upstairs)
  • Ben and Holly (and story about little people in the near by Little Kingdom)
  • Octonauts (stories about a pack of cats? Exploring deep sea in an advanced-under water vehicle called Octopod. They even have gone to Mariana Trench. Imagine that).
  • Koika or is it Kioka? Didn’t quite catch her name the first time we met. She likes to wear thick winter coat.
  • Next door Playschool
  • there’s always Elmo from Sesame Street (just a few blocks from where we live)
  • Bee Hive on a cypress tree near our playground

Can you imagine how to remember them all. 🙂


The one with my wife story



A retweet from my wife timeline (@putry_erwin), about her supervisor and PhD life:

Oya. Read from the lowest ya the slowly scroll upwards :-).

Reputasinya di bidangnya dia udah world-known lah ya, CV yg bikin minder, dan semua yg pernah kerjasama atau lerja di bawahnya blg begitu. Bbrp temen eks master dulu disini malah kaget kenapa gw minta beliau jd spv, krn satu dia strict dan yg kedua dia pinter, hidup bs jd ribet!Tp dulu gw approach beliau krn itu, dia ahli, kalo bljr jgn nanggung kan, harus dr yg plg bagus! Pas kmrn awal2 bikin proposal, di revisi -bbrp kali, tp gw pantang nyerah, dan dia bilang salah satu alasan nerima gw jd bimbingannya krn gw persisten! Naaah, kmrn akhirnya ketemu!dia mau jemput gw di bandara, walaupun gw dtg sekeluarga. tp ga jd krn mentok soal carseat, akhirnya dia booking n bayarin jemputan buat gw sampe apt, 10 menit kmd dia sama sekre nya sampe jg, bawain semua barang kaya piring, seprai dll ampe keset pintu, panci, dan mainan #billa trus di bbrp pertemuan, dia udah jelasin di awal, big picture nya soal roller coaster PhD. Mulai dr excited, kecewa kalo jurnal direject, – seneng kalo bs present di konfrens atau jurnal publish, fase bosan krn 3 tahun hidup gw akan dihabiskan melihat hal yg spesifik sama!!! dan krn dia perempuan, ibu juga, menekankan pentingnya support suami, which I could never thank my husband @d_erwin_irawan enough for 🙂 selain itu dia blg akan ada masa2 anak gw sakit, gw merasa egois krn ngejar ambisi ampe anak dan suami hrs ikut maklum 🙁 bayanginnya sedih trus gw jujur aja, beasiswa kecil, dan ga mgkn buat bayar daycare, dan gw ga mau curang diam2 ambil beasiswa lain, a promise is a promise! dan gw udah janji di awal waktu mau ambil beasiswa ini ga akan ambil beasiswa lain, jd harus telan konsekuensinya…. eh tyt spv gw ketawa dia blg dia tau jumlah gw kecil bgt, so we work out a system dimana gw cuma kerja full di hospital 3 hari seminggu, 2 hari start jam 5 sore, Nunggu pak suami pulang dr kampus buat post doc nya dia. Kata spv gw, yg penting kerjaan kamu selesai! And don’t loose focus!!! kata2 yg terakhir gw suka bgt! emang apapun yg kita lakuin, yg namanya belajar di luar negri godaannya itu, hilang fokus utama! ada yg sibuk jalan2, ada yg sibuk beli2 barang, ada yg sibuk sama hobinya, ada yg sibuk pacaran doang haha! bukan ga boleh, tp inget terus fokus kita! merasa sgt beruntung dpt beliau buat spv gw! dia bilang: tempel tujuan gw depan jidat, tp sesekali mundur bbrp langkah, liat big picturenya! jangan fokus sama satu pohon sampe ga bs liat keindahan hutannya 🙂 gitu katanya, jd hrs seimbang lah intinya.

Sistem Tata Suara Masjidil Haram dan Masjid Nabawi

Dear Students, berginilah kalau dosen nge-blog. Ada contoh yang ilmiah seperti blog Pak Joko Sarwono ini (beliau Dosen Teknik Fisika ITB) di alamat, atau bisa juga yang campuran dengan yang ringan dan ditemui dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, seperti blog milik Pak Budi Rahardjo (beliau Dosen Teknik Informatika) di alamat
Ok… Selamat ngeblog…

The one with the GTD (Get Things Done)

I don’t mean to add another GTD (Get Things Done) system in your library. There are so many who share their GTD  system, that probably you have applied some of them. I just share my daily activities, as well as my new habit in Sydney. If something might interest you, drop your comment or send me email. I saw this GTD by Jamie Todd Rubin (I’m going to look for the link later), and made this short article. 

Currently I live in Sydney. I’m planning to stay here for one year,  accompanying my wife pursuing her PhD, and having sabbattical leave from ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung). However, I also have collaborative research activities (the fun part) with Dr. Willem Vervoort from Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney. My academic activities will take place in the Australian Technology Part area (near Redfern train station).

Here’s my daily GTD, and I will complete this post when I have time (scratches of time, if I may say). 

  • My computers and mobile devices
    • Laptop: Macbook Air (13,1” and 128 GB model) (Circa 2012)
    • Phone: iPhone 5s (Black-Space grey). The recently-replaced iPhone was a 3 yo (3Gs). I was moving away from Blackberry since then :-).  
  • Other gadgets I use regularly
    • I used to record my voice note using Sony Digital Recorder (1 gigs), but I use my iPhone now to do that.
    • I’m still using “old skool” classic notepad to write whatever, mainly my to do list. 🙂 
  • Frequently-used apps
    • Google Apps: I practically live on Google Apps system. 
      • Gmail: I use it on my MB (with Google Chrome) and on my iPhone (with standard mail app).
      • Google Calendar: I put all of my todo list and activities on my Cal (iPhone) which is connected to the Google Cal app. This is how my devices stay connected.
      • Google Docs: I use this app when I’m connected to the net, searching for some references. I always open the pdfs, docs/ppts/xls (opendable docs) with Google Docs, so that I don’t clutter my MB HDD with files that I don’t need (read: junks) . It will automatically saved in my Google Drive account. Therefore I can seek them again whenever I need.
      • Google Notes: I always my “Notes app” in my iPhone just to take note on whatever crosses my mind. The app is connected to my Google and iCloud acc, then my devices will record the same note. I can access them later on, when I need to develop it. Last but not least, do to the limited internet connection, I often use the fast line at the office, instead of at my apartment. In offline environment I always use Growly Notes (it pastes anything on your copy-path) to store my ideas, for retrieving later on. 
      • Office app: My main office app is LibreOffice. Because of its free (offcourse), and save all docs in default open document formats (to make sure it won’t catch viruses). Only a few docs I save in Microsoft formats, the selected ones that I think it is going to need collab with others (colleague) that use Ms Office.  I always share my work in pdf formats (offcourse reduce the file size before send it). 
      • Evernote: I call it the souvenir from the 21st century, and it’s free!!! I use it in my Googling journey, make article clips, page clips of what I found interesting. I often take snapshots of my notes and my sketches (from my notepad) and make a few bits of thoughts afterwards. Almost forget, I always share my “discoveries” to my students, using Evernote. I send out my article links to them so that they know what I’m thinking, and what references to use, or just light chit chat to ease their.

(this pic is a typical Growly Notes view. It was the first draft of this article)


(below is the opening page of Evernote)


Hello Sydney !!!

1st live broadcast from Sydney 🙂 Alhamdlh… We flew for about 6 hrs, plus 1 hr bus ride, then arrived at Westmead area, western suburb of Sydney. We live at the Accommodation complex of Westmead Hospital. just a quick stroll for my wife to the hospital (where she’s doing her PhD) and 1 hr train ride to Australian Tech Park (where I do my research at Usyd).

Hopefully we can enjoy this year 🙂 – at Westmead

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