WTF: Dari Disertasi menjadi Buku

book binding

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Salah satu impian saya adalah me-reformat disertasi saya menjadi sebuah buku. Dan you know what, waktu yang selalu jadi kendala. And this page will be my first try out.

Berikut adalah referensi yang akan saya pakai untuk proyek ini:

  1. Turning Your Thesis Into A Book: Melbourne Univ Press
  2. Checklist for Revising Dissertations for Book Publication: Univ of Texas
  3. It’s a dissertation, not a book: Chronicle of Higher Edu
  4. Turning Your Dissertation into a Book: Univ of Washington
  5. Thesis vs Book: NIAS Press
  6. From Dissertation to Book: Univ of Chicago

#Sydney In The Globe


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} I am curious about how many places in this globe are called Sydney. Then I found out that there are many people before me asking the same question, that it was listed in the wiki answer

The answer to the question is:


  1. Wales, UK
  2. Massachusetts, US
  3. Toronto, Canada
  4. New South Wales, Australia
  5. Illinois, US
  6. Arizona, US
  7. South Carolina, US
  8. California, US

There is one in UK, one in Canada, and offcourse one in Australia, and surprisingly there are five in US.
A few sources also mention, a Sydney in Vanuatu and another one in South Africa.

Which one is the oldest? 🙂

#sydney: Dymocks Bookstore

This is ine of the fun part being here. Books just another books 🙂 My wife (@putry_erwin) bought the red and white ones as “another” birthday present :-).

Do you like sitcoms? If “yes” is the answer then you should get the red one. It covers world wide
-known sitcoms from the 70’s to late 90’s.

You can read the reviews of The Brady Bunch, Full House, Cheers and Frasier, to Friends, along with “behind screen” stories.

While the white one covers beautiful satellite images of landscape all over the earth. Every snapshot contains descriptive explanations on how the landscape was formed, what processes occurs on it, as well as the geological control. So if you like landscape photography and happen to also like earth science, and (off course) if you’re a “hard core” geologist, then this one is for you.

I’ll talk about the “dummies” later on my other blog:
Because it contains more serious part. 🙂


#sydney: Darling Harbour Playground

(a sketch of part of the playgound)

On 4 May 1988, HRH Queen Elizabeth II formally opened Darling Harbour. Sydney Aquarium was the first attraction to open and was soon followed by a host of museums, shops, restaurants, hotels and bars, as the precinct became a different kind of heartbeat for Sydney.

There should be many people in the sketch, believe me. I am jut not keen enough to learn to draw human object :-).

It was a sunday afternoon at the Darling Harbour playground with #Billa.

One of the interesting thing about this playground is it has a miniature of child-friendly irrigation system, where you can play with the water, store it in a reservoir, you can pump it, make it to move a water mill. All in mini size.

But #Billa by the way, was more interested to play in the sand pit :-).


#sydney: new friends

It’s been two months since we arrived in Sydney.

We met many new friends:

  • Peppa Pig and her friends (it’s a she not a he right?), who likes to jump on mud a lot. (note: even a pig has an official website)
  • Charlie and Lola (siblings who live upstairs)
  • Ben and Holly (and story about little people in the near by Little Kingdom)
  • Octonauts (stories about a pack of cats? Exploring deep sea in an advanced-under water vehicle called Octopod. They even have gone to Mariana Trench. Imagine that).
  • Koika or is it Kioka? Didn’t quite catch her name the first time we met. She likes to wear thick winter coat.
  • Next door Playschool
  • there’s always Elmo from Sesame Street (just a few blocks from where we live)
  • Bee Hive on a cypress tree near our playground

Can you imagine how to remember them all. 🙂


[MD] Writemonkey for Markdown editor


blogging with markdown using write monkey

I have used MoU on my MBA, now I try its equivalent on Win7 machine. Namely [writemonkey] (

just type your text block all of part of text then hit “ctrl+shift+h”, and there’s your html code in the memory. You can paste it in your blog html editor then post it afterwards.

If you expect writemonkey’s interface to be as complicated as Microsoft Word then you’re wrong. It only shows a floating small window (that you can make in to full screen).

It’s good for fast note-taking app, because it loads in a flash so you won’t let your ideas fly away. try it…


[TeX] First TeX documents


After a long winding road working my first hydrological codes (following the Hydromad Tutorial by Felix Andrews, getting to know R environment in Willem Vervoort’s class, installing TeX, trying TeX, composing an R report using TeX via Sweave. Now here’s my first TeX document. However, I am still can not embed the picture in it. It’s still in my to do list :-).

PS: oh by the way, I am posting using Markdown syntax 🙂

03rd try: first post using #markdown



It turned out to be a false alarm. Markdown script can’t be posted by ordinary “post by email” routine. First, future users must get “markdown extension” for your browser (in this case, I use Chrome). 


Banyak sekali programming script. Pilih-pilih yang memudahkan, yang membuat semua lebih efisien. Salah satunya sedang coba *Markdown*. Menurut yang buat ( a [link](http://) ), bahasa ini bisa men-translate posting kita jadi *html programming* harus terlalu banyak hapal *syntax*. Yang bagusnya, user bahkan bisa langsung posting dari R script editor (semisal R Studio). Manfaatnya user bisa langsung membagi *code*-nya ke blog. Cara ini mirip dengan *sweave R package*, yang bisa membuat dokumen pdf dari naskah format TeX. Laporan selanjutnya menyusul. {@dasaptaerwin}