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Connecting your NTFS drives to your Mavericks OSX








[This post is the updated version of the previous post “Operating Systems and Their Native Formats]

Dear friends,

I’ve just came across this problem yesterday, after so several years cross-working with Linux, Mac, and Windows machine. So apparently these major OS have their own rule about:

  • what to read and write
  • what to only read but not write
  • what not to read nor write

In the following pdf (OSformat), I make a short comparison table and links to solve this. I realise that the solutions may not work in different kind of situation, but it worth to try.

For those of you that still struggling to connect your NTFS drive to OSX Mavericks, this post is actually work in my case. I am running Mac Book Air with OSX 10.9.2. Recently I have compatibility problem with my supervisor. I use Linux and OSX and he uses Windows 8. The NTFS drive has always worked together with his WIndows 8. However, OSX doesn’t connect with NTFS drive. It only can read and write to Win FAT32 partition. Bad luck, on the other hand, Windows 8 doesn’t read FAT32. But it works just fine now. Thanks to +Razmal Djamal ‘s post at Mac Indonesia.

Or Google yourself to find the following apps:

  • MacFuse-Core.10-5.dmg
  • ntfs-3g-2010.dmg

Don’t worry, they shouldn’t mess with your system. You can always erase them f you feel like they do something to your Mac, just like any other app.

Download them, then install them with no need to open the Terminal, which most likely would frighten anybody.

Follow the default settings. Don’t modify the default options unless you really understand about it.

I don’t know much about Mac Programming, but since they share the same UNIX basic codes, then you can do similar way with your LINUX. However, I recommend you to do a research first to find which way actually have the biggest chance to work with your system.

Thank you for your visit.