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Sydney trip 2016: some reality checks from an academia

Reality check no 1: Sekolah di LN bukanlah segalanya

Saya pernah bertemu, berdialog secara langsung, mendengar pengalaman rekan saya atau cerita dari istri saya, tentang banyaknya alumni pasca sarjana LN baik S2 atau S3, bahkan yang masih mahasiswa dan belum lulus, yang over-confident dengan statusnya. Mereka merasa sebagai kaum pilihan, yang juga patut mendapatkan perlakuan beda ketika pulang nanti, beberapa malah tidak ingin pulang.

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The British Chevening Awards 2011/2012

The British Chevening Awards
http://www.britishc indonesia- common-chevening .htmChevening scholarships 2011/12 and beyond

The deadline for applications for 2011/12 Chevening Scholarships in Indonesia and East Timor is 28 February 2011.
Applications 2011/2012 Chevening scholarships should be made via this website.
https://www. chevening. CheveningApplica tions/CA_ Start.aspx

As in previous years we are likely to offer full scholarships for one year Master degrees at United Kingdom universities and other professional institutions. The scholarships would cover living costs, tuition fees and return airfares.

Candidates should be aware that Chevening 2011/2012 is likely to be more closely aligned with delivery of the FCO’s priorities. More information about these is available here.

The Chevening scheme is highly competitive, with only the best applicants invited for interview. We particularly encourage applications from individuals based in eastern Indonesia. Candidates will need to meet the following basic requirements:
– Indonesian or East Timor citizens.
– Excellent first degree with a minimum GPA >=3.0.
– Good level of spoken and written English language (IELTS 6.5).
– Minimum of 2 years full time post-graduate (S1) work experience.
– Clear commitment to long-term career development.
– Must be able to demonstrate leadership potential and the capacity to play an important role in Indonesia or East Timor’s future development.
– We regret that we are unable to accept applications for MBAs.
– Previous recipients of a Chevening award are not eligible to apply.
– Employees, employee’s relatives (or former employees who have left employment within the last two years) of the FCO, including FCO posts, the British Council or any Chevening sponsors are not be eligible for these awards.

When the review of the Chevening scheme is finalised further details on eligibility criteria and other information relevant to applications will be posted on this page and this link as well as the Chevening Facebook page.

All candidates are encouraged to start researching appropriate postgraduate courses at UK institutions and making applications directly to them as appropriate

What is Chevening?

The Chevening programme, has, over 26 years, provided more than 30,000 Scholarships at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the UK for postgraduate students or researchers from countries across the world.

Many talented graduates and young professional Indonesians have been supported by the Chevening Programme, which has seen over 1,000 Scholarships awarded to Indonesians since the scheme began in 1984.

Largely funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Scholarship scheme also receives significant contributions from HEIs and other organisations in the UK, and from a wide range of overseas sponsors including governmental and private sector bodies, with which the FCO or its overseas Posts have partnership agreements.
The programme is managed by us, on behalf of the FCO, both in the UK and overseas.
http://www.britishc indonesia- common-chevening .htm

PhD in Seismology and Geodynamics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

[INFO] PhD in Seismology and Geodynamics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Posted by: “Joehary….”   joe_jauhary_arifin
Mon Jul 30, 2007 11:13 am (PST)
website link:

The Geophysics Institute at ETH-Zurich invites applications for two
Ph.D. student positions in seismology and geodynamics. The successful
candidates will study regional-scale seismic tomography, including
its implications for geodynamics, applied to Europe and the
mediterranean basin. This research project emphasizes application of
innovative techniques in seismology, including finite-frequency
(“banana-doughnut”) tomography, and interferometric analysis of
seismic ambient noise. Advisors will be Prof. Eduard Kissling and Dr.
Lapo Boschi, in collaboration with Dr. Alberto Michelini (INGV Roma,

Our institute is a diverse environment emphasizing multidisciplinary
interactions. A wide variety of graduate level courses in the Earth
Sciences are o ered. Please visit the Seismology and Geodynamics web
page, at or contact Dr. L. Boschi for further information.

Complete applications must include statement of personal interests,
curriculum vitae and names and addresses of two references, and
should be sent to Dr. L. Boschi (paper form accepted, electronic form
preferred). We will start reviewing applications at the end of
August, and plan to interview candidates before the end of October,

Education requirements: Completion of undergraduate studies in
physical/mathematical sciences, computer sciences, or earth sciences.

ETH is an equal-opportunity and nondiscriminating employer.

Contact address:
Dr. Lapo Boschi
Institut fuer Geophysik
ETH Hoenggerberg (HPP)
CH-8093 Z¨urich

<Sumber: milis Beasiswa>

Fulbright Master's Degree Program

Fulbright Master’s Degree Program
> Preference will be given to applicants who serve as
> faculty members of
> state and private institutions of higher education
> in Indonesia.
> Applicants will possess:
> 1.a Sarjana (S1) degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0
> (4.00 scale)
> 2. leadership qualities
> 3. a good understanding of Indonesian and
> international cultures
> 4. a demonstrated commitment to the chosen field of
> study
> 5. a willingness to return to Indonesia upon
> completion of the Fulbright
> program
> 6. a minimum TOEFL score of 550.
> Candidates should complete the appropriate
> application forms. Forms are
> available either by mail or in person at the AMINEF
> Office, Gedung Balai
> Pustaka, 6th floor, Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya 4,
> Jakarta 10720. Application
> forms may also be downloaded from the AMINEF Website
> at the following
> URL:
> Please return to AMINEF your complete application
> package by the
> application deadline that includes:
> 1. Completed application form. This includes a
> clearly written and
> concise study objective.
> 2. Copy of your most recent, less than two years
> old, TOEFL score
> report.
> 3. One letter of reference, either from your current
> employer or
> previous lecturer.
> 4. Copy of academic transcript (English
> translation).
> Specific questions regarding the application process
> may be addressed
> via e-mail to the following address:
> We do
> not accept email applications. Hard copies must be
> sent or delivered to
> American Indonesian Exchange Foundation.
> The deadline for the submission of application
> materials for all
> programs is May 31, 2008.

<sumber: milis Beasiswa>

During my off time. Karang Sambung (Kebumen) Field Camp 2007

Kuliah lapangan Karang Sambung diadakan sejak tanggal 26 Juni sampai 25 Juli 2007. Dosen anggota KK Geologi Terapan bertugas mengisi sesi geomorfologi. Dr. Budi Brahmantyo dan D. Erwin Irawan, MT ditugaskan untuk mengisi materi tersebut, yang terdiri dari:

1. Analisis dan interpretasi peta geomorfologi
2. Observasi bentuk-bentuk geomorfologi
3. Observasi tanah pelapukan
4. Observasi dan pembuatan penampang sungai

Berikut ini adalah beberapa foto-foto kegiatan tersebut.
Lintas sungai
Observasi geomorfologi
Observasi kelurusan sungai


Meneruskan berita dari Studi Magister Teknik Airtanah adalah program studi baru di ITB yang berfokus pada Hidrogeologi akan mulai beroperasi mulai Semester I-2007/2008. Calon mahasiswa adalah lulusan sarjana dari Program Studi Teknik Geologi, Teknik Pertambangan, Teknik Geofisika, Geofisika dan Meteorologi, Teknik Perminyakan, Teknik Sipil, Geografi Fisik, Teknik Lingkungan serta Fisika Bumi.

Untuk angkatan pertama, Program Studi Magister Teknik Airtanah memberikan Beasiswa Unggulan dari Departemen Pendidikan Nasional untuk 20 calon mahasiswa yang lolos seleksi. Beasiswa ini diutamakan bagi Sarjana dengan prestasi yang sangat memuaskan atau karyawan Pemerintah Daerah, LSM dan industri di lingkungan yang relevan dengan pengelolaan airtanah.

Persyaratan pelamar:
TOEFL atau tes yang setara dengan nilai minimal 450
Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA) minimal 450.

Bagi yang berminat dapat mengirimkan surat lamaran dengan lampiran:
1) Transkrip S1
2) Hasil TOEFL
3) Hasil Tes Potensi Akademik
4) Abstrak rencana penelitan (lebih diutamakan)

Melalui pos ke:
Sekretaris Program Studi Magister Teknik Airtanah
Fakultas Ilmu Kebumian dan Teknik Mineral Institut Teknologi Bandung
Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung 40132

Melalui fax ke no 022-2504209,

Melalui email ke: cc: .

Surat lamaran selambat-lambatnya dapat kami terima tanggal 30 Juni 2007.