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It’s not a vlog series: A sneak peak to my class

It’s not a vlog series: A sneak peak to my class

Introduction to hydrogeology, Sep 2017, Class of 2014

Walaupun mengundang partisipasi mahasiswa sangatlah sulit, tapi menyampaikan sebatas apa yang saya pahami, yang saya kerjakan, dan apa yang saya sedang pelajari, adalah jiwa saya. Oh hampir lupa, saya mengajar kelas Hidrogeologi Umum di Prodi Sarjana Teknik Geologi ITB. Ya saya seorang geologiwan, terutama bila saya sedang tidak mengadvokasi open science.

Welcome to my class with the Class of 2014. Geology undergrad program, Institut Teknologi Bandung.

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This was my comment on a question on https://www.researchgate.net/

This was my comment on a question on https://www.researchgate.net/:

Do you use social media to communicate your science? If so, how?
By Robbie Mitchell · 2.06 · Econnect Communication

Dasapta Irawan · 5.68 · Research Division on Applied Geology

I am a hydrogeologist at Institut Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia. Compared to other geoscience/geology field of study, hydrogeology is not very common or first choice for students. So I am now putting all my efforts to socialize it in any way I can. I use Twitter and Facebook (both are connected) because many of my students use these soc-med. Then I also build 2 web pages on WordPress and Blogger platform. Both web pages are identical just to reach out to various kind of users. I also connect both blogs to my Twitter and Facebook account. I also use Google+ to spread any scientific news. This is for the Twitter and Facebook haters :-). To have a good network I join Research Gate. To combined my postings to all of my soc-meds, I use “http://dlvr.it/” and “Yoono” services. Hopefully all the hard works and time spent on these will pay off.