10 Facts about Peugeot 306

In 1999, Peugeot recalled 7,940 units of the 306 because of possible seeping of petrol from the fuel pipe union. Vehicles that were affected had anew fuel pipe union installed.

2 Although the 306 was featured in the Top 10 best selling cars in Britain from 1994 to 1998, it did not fare well in ownership and customer satisfaction surveys at the time, such as the annual JD Power survey, ran in conjunction with popular TV series Top Gear.
3 All variants of the 306, with the exception of the GTI-6 and Cabriolet models, were priced very competitively. In fact, in what many observers say is a bargain, used 306’s now start at around 2,500 GBP.
4 Popular in Europe, the 306 has been featured in a myriad of European films including “Mataharis” (2007), “Candida” (2006) and “Intacto” (2001). In addition, the 206b was featured in Hollywood’s Vantage Point (2008) and Cradle of Fear (2001).
5 Peugeot created a performance variant of the 306 with the diesel unit installed. This petrol XS model, known as the D-Turbo “hot watch” version is regarded as the first affordable “performance diesel” and is credited with being the first mainstream diesel designed to appeal both to speed-loving drivers as well as economically-minded automobilists.
6 Until the arrival of the Ford Focus, the 306 was regarded as the best handling small family car of its time.
7 Despite its strong appeal to buyers, the 306’s reputation for high maintenance costs and suspect quality earned it bad press, eventually resulting in a decrease in sales
8 After Peugeot’s takeover of Citroen in the wake of the 1974 oil crisis, several Peugeot and Citroen models, like the Peugeot 306 and the Citroen ZX, have been built on the same platform.
9 In the 2006 Australian Used Car Safety Ratings, the Peugeot 306, manufactured between 1994-2001, was rated “significantly better than average” in its ability to protect its occupants in the event of a crash.
10 This fact did not help much to Jason Brain, when in last December was driving a 306 and dangerously tried to overtake a car on the highway before he ran into a VW Passat coming in the opposite direction, effectively killing six, including himself and his daughter Natasha, aged 14. Brain was proven to be driving under the influence of alcohol.