Alhamdulillah sudah ada yang mensitasi paper kami


Alhamdulillah sudah ada yang mensitasi paper kami di bawah ini (info dari Google Scholar).



[PDF] from Irawan, DJ Puradimaja, S Notosiswoyo… – Journal of …, 2009 – Elsevier
Hydrogeochemical analysis has been conducted on 119 spring locations to portray volcanic
hydrogeological system of Mount Ciremai, West Java, Indonesia. Cluster analysis on 14
parameters has extracted three clusters. Cluster 1 (112 springs) is distinguished by 
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Salah satunya dirujuk dalam paper berikut:

Hydrochemical analysis to evaluate the seawater ingress in a small coral island of India

P Banerjee, VS Singh, A Singh, RK Prasad… – Environmental …, 2011 – Springer
Abstract The sustainable development of the limited groundwater resources in the tropical
island requires a thorough understanding of detail hydrogeological regime including the
hydrochemical behavior of groundwater. Detail analysis of chemical data of groundwater