A proposal for RDM and data archiving at university and national level

The following page will contain all relevant materials related to the above slides and thus it will also served as my activity report for ITB, especially for the UDARA project, a Research Council UK (RCUK)-Newton Fund and Dana Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (DIPI) funded research.

  1. Overleaf document about generic institutional repository (IR) guidelines
  2. Some photos and videos from the IGDORE event.
  3. Some useful links for people who have a particular interest in building their own RDM and data archiving system.

Some photos

A pic from one of the sessiona. Rebecca Wullen was giving a talk about what is IGDORE and how it supports open science (photo from Reza Andika Twitter feeds, thank you for the photo)
Rebecca Wullen and one of her slide (photo from Lisa Matthias twitter feed, thank you).
Jon Tennant on his slides about openscience MOOC, an initiative to teach people that openscience is just science done right.
Informal chats after work. Yes this is the incentive of being open in science (photo from IGDORE twitter feed)
A snapshot from Jon Tennant’s twitter feed 🙂