[proposal riset 2019] Identifikasi kandungan Fe, Ni, Cu, Co, As, Pb dalam air, sedimen sungai, dan tumbuhan di aliran S. Cikapundung

Berikut proposal riset kami untuk Program Penelitian Ristekdikti 2019 (implementasi 2020). Sebagai ilustrasi, berikut adalah catatan visual yang dibuat untuk menggambarkan kondisi riset tentang unsur logam. double burden of water contamination in urban landscape Berikut ini adalah teks proposalnya.

About the author

My current focus is how to provide the hydrostratigraphy of volcanic aquifers in Bandung area. The research is based on environmental isotope measurement in groundwater and morphometry. My work consists of hydrochemical measurements. I am using multivariate statistical methods to provides more quantitative foundation for the analysis and more insight into the groundwater behavior, especially its interaction with surface water. I use open source apps like R and Python to do the job. In my spare time, I also have a side project to promote open science in Indonesia's research workflow. One of my current focus is promoting INARxiv, as the first preprint server of Indonesia (osf.io/preprints/inarxiv) and serving as ORCID and OSF (osf.io) ambassador. Research interest: Hydrochemistry, multivariate analysis, and R programming. Blog: dasaptaerwin.net, derwinirawan.wordpress.com. (https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1526-0863)