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Blogpost arrangement

UWS lake
UWS lake









[image from: personal collection, a path way in UWS MacArthur Campus]

Dear friends,

It’s another 10 degrees morning in Sydney. I know the number is fairly warm for most of you, but as an Indonesian, it needs an effort to keep the finger to hit the right key.

After thinking about the position of my blogs, I will:

  1. gradually this blog, my oldest blog, about Linux and other tech-internet
  2. focus my posts on R and data analysis on my Blogger site
  3. gradually move my posts about hydrology and research/teaching to my other new WordPress blog, My Online Water Books. I try to post the pdf format in every post.

I’ll post all of my updates on my Twitter (@dasaptaerwin) and Google Plus (+Dasapta Erwin Irawan).

Thank you. All the best for you all.

WTF: writing a skill to die for

I had a discussion with a student this morning. He was very confuse about what’s to write and what’s not write. He is working on Cikapundung watershed, in West Java Province. His focus is evaluating the interaction between the groundwater with river water.

After hearing his problem, I said “write everything”. Even if your analysis went wrong, you can always write about your failure and what’s to avoid, etc etc. Teaching everyone else to identify a lack in a method is also a science.

Don’t worry about your sentences at this stage. Just write and sleep on it.

At the end of the conversation I said ->

writing skill is not something you born with,

it’s something you would die for