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1000-AID: If data could speak …

Posted by me on behalf of co-authors

This project would be the first attempt of crowd-sourced paper writing from Indonesian authors. We began working on this paper in the open via Google Docs and Google Sheet editable files. The publishing efforts were made using the power social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp Group, and Telegram Group).

The minimum participation to be an author was to enter their GS and Scopus data profile on the designated Google Sheet file.

Here’s what we’ve come up so far. Interested?

How to cite our dataset:

Team 1000 Authors. 2017. “Crowdsourced Dataset: GS and Scopus Profile”. INA-Rxiv. October 29. osf.io/preprints/inarxiv/m6zd7. DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/M6ZD7

Join us by contributing your dataset in the following editable Google Sheet file.


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Saatnya melakukan review terhadap peer review

Karena peer review adalah juga obyek untuk direview.

Beberapa tahun lalu, saya mengikuti ceramah umum dari Prof. Djoko T. Iskandar, yang salah satunya menceritakan makalah beliau yang ditulis oleh lebih dari 40 orang. Tahun ini saya mengalaminya juga :).

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