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Freedom to publish

Pagi (buta) ini saya menerima tiga surel, satu menanyakan komentar saya mengenai tawaran dari sebuah penerbit LN untuk menerbitkan buku. Surel kedua menanyakan mengenai INARxiv dan apakah dibolehkan mengirimkan makalah yang telah daring sebagai preprint ke sebuah jurnal. Surel ketiga mengomentari aktivitas saya sebagai blogger, bagaimana saya bisa menulis artikel — hampir setiap pagi — , dari mana idenya. Ketiganya bertema freedom to publish (kebebasan untuk publikasi) . Saya masih sulit untuk mencari padanan katanya. Untuk ketiganya, saya menulis artikel blog yang akhirnya saya pisahkan jadi tiga artikel.

Pixabay (CC-0)

Untuk menjawab pertanyaan ketiga, saya sampaikan surel balasan saya dengan menganonimkan penerimanya.

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Preprints, Arxiv and INARxiv (a view from Prof. Bryan Gaensler)

For some of you who are still skeptical or still having doubts about preprint and how it supports science, you might want to watch this video.

I found it while researching on research data management. It was posted under University of Sydney Library channel.

Some strong sentences about preprints were mentioned by this speaker, Prof. Bryan Gaensler, an astronomer now with University of Toronto.

Here are some of his strong points (some of which perhaps are applicable limited to the science of astronomy, physics and math):

  • Preprints support citation (in some field). Nobody bother to read journals anymore if they can read it on Arxiv three months earlier,
  • One step to promote your science is by putting your paper on Arxiv,
  • Posting preprints can lead to collaboration. So it’s not a paper before it went to Arxiv previously.

Here are some links on Prof. Bryan Gaensler:

You know what I like about persons like this one I’m presenting?

I like how he/she spends a lot of time to setup an outreach mechanism for his/her research. They look at impact way further than just a number listed as Impact Factor and citations.

But yeah, you don’t always agree with me. You could always go back to your Scopus indexing and IF hunts as you earn your way as famous academia.


And yes we run INARxiv the preprint server of Indonesia and read related articles on preprint and post print here Open Science Indonesia.