Setting up existing local Github repo using personal access token


Personal access token

Sudah beberapa waktu ini, Github meminta pengguna untuk mengakses repositori menggunakan personal access token. Bukan menggunakan user dan password seperti biasa.

Begini caranya

  • Create your personal access token following this link .
  • Copy the created token, paste it somewhere
  • Copy the https link of your repository, paste it somewhere
  • open terminal (Windows prompt kalau Anda menggunakan Windows)
  • change directory to your local repository
  • type git remote set-url origin https://<token><git_url> eg: git remote set-url origin
  • then pull once by typing git pull https://<token>@<git_url>.git eg: git pull
  • you’re ready to do git add . , git commit -m "aaa bbb ccc and git push origin master

Repeat the process if your personal access token expired.


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