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Serial Workshop Open Science





Saya bersama rekan-rekan dari Penerbit ITB dan Perpustakaan Pusat ITB berinisiatif (tepatnya memberanikan diri) untuk melaksanakan “Serial Workshop Open Science”. Workshop ini akan terdiri dari beberapa topik:

  • Topik 1: Introduction to open science: streamlining your workflow
  • Topik 2: Open data: how to make your data fully citeable and reuseable
  • Topik 3: Open method: how to ensure make your research reproducible and citeable
  • Topik 4: Open source tools: open source apps for your disposal
  • Topik 5: Open access: how to make your research fully open access

Topik pertama akan dilaksanakan pada

Hari/tanggal: Kamis, 4 Agustus 2016 pukul 09-11am.

Tempat: Ruang Seminar Perpustakaan Pusat ITB

Peserta dapat berkoordinasi dengan Bu Kustiati Kusno, PhD candidate dari SITH via email kustiati.khusnan [@] gmail [.] com.

Dalam workshop ini secara berurutan akan dikenalkan:

  • konsep open science,
  • bagaimana melaksanakannya,
  • piranti apa saja yang diperlukan, dan
  • bagaimana mempublikasikan hasilnya.

Starting a PhD by curating a “paper collection” part 1

The following post was motivated by my old habit when I was finishing my master and starting a PhD few years back. My school years was the start of internet era in my university, Institut Teknologi Bandung. It was 1999-2005. I pursued my master in 1999-2001, so it’s kind of the middle between “a non-url era” to “dot.com” time. I collected papers for my master thesis as well as preparing topics for my PhD. In those days my paper collection was literally a collection of papers, stacked on the corner of my desk. I will snap it and post it if I had time to visit my old desk.

That habit is going strong with more open repository site and research platform offering tools to build and curate paper collection. One of them is ScienceOpen (and perhaps more sites like this with different field of science), an open access research platform. This morning I added one more collection on that site, adding my previous Hydrology collection.

My new ScienceOpen collection is on Indonesia Family Life and Health Survey. It gathers papers, which mostly were built upon IFLS data set launched by RAND Corp. All of the papers are open access.

My motivation was to gain more knowledge current state of Indonesian family life and health, build a scientific network to explore Indonesia research landscape and as a basis for my future research on the role of continuing water supply to family health state based on IFLS data set. Hoping to learn more from the community and trigger more collaborations.

Thank you ScienceOpen for making this activity so easy and joyful. All early PhD students should do this to help them formulate a thinking framework and choose several topics. Here’s the link to the collection.